Tony (1st pic, on right), owner and manager, is a director of Select Oyster Company (SOCo) which oversees the Sydney rock oyster breeding program. He is a member of the NSW Shellfish Quality Assurance Committee (NSW SQAC) and Aquaculture Research Advisory Committee (ARAC), which advise the State Minister on shellfish quality assurance and research. He participates the Camden Haven Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (CHSQAP), which is part of the state QAP and is Vice President of Oysters Australia. He is also a member of the NSW Farmers Association Oyster Committee and the Hastings LGA Coast & Estuaries  Sub - Committee.

Kerry (1st pic, on left) has been working with Tony for over 15 years. He is the Farm Manager. Kerry also has his own oyster farm.

Mitch (2nd photo, with algae at the hatchery) is a permanent worker with key responsibility in the hatchery. He also works on all other areas of the farm.

Dane works full time for Camden Haven Oyster Supply and works on all oyster farming tasks.

Terry helps out in the nursery on weekends.

Various casual workers are employed when required.

Joneen works 'behind the scenes' in the office.

Molly the Border Collie keeps an eye on everyone, 'helps' with her favourite jobs and barks at visitors!

Join our Team!

If you are interested in working with our oyster team, call Tony 0427334649.


The Camden Haven, with low flood area, mild climate and clean, salty river ensures excellent condition, taste and texture of oysters as well as an extended season for consumption. Camden Haven oysters are naturally grown with minimal environmental impact. The business uses only plastic or plastic coated timber infrastructure (no polluting chemicals) and low impact 4 stroke outboards. Oysters are grown in a pristine, low stocked estuarine environment. The land-based nursery has a constant supply of natural clean salt water straight from the adjacent bay. Camden Haven oysters have no additives. Our oysters are grown in a natural disease-free environment and have been selected for disease resistance as well as flavour and quality. 


The Sydney rock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata, is native to Australia and commercially grown in New South Wales and southern Queensland. Sydney rock oysters have a rich and creamy nature and are medium sized compared to other varieties. They take up to 4 years to grow to market size. The Sydney rock oysters produced by Camden Haven Oyster Supply are from a selected lines developed by NSW fisheries and chosen for disease resistance, shape, flavour and growth characteristics.
Sydney rock oysters are best consumed when freshly shucked but do have a good shelf life when kept whole - up to 21 days - providing they are kept at the correct temperature (10 to 15 degrees Celsius) and handled safely. Camden Haven Sydney rock oysters are distributed for consumption to wholesalers in NSW and Queensland. Young oysters are sold to other commercial oyster farmers for on-growing.